School Procedures




Phone calls to classrooms will automatically be put through to teachers’ voicemails. Teachers will check their messages two times during the school day. Message regarding students’ change of afterschool plans must be left before 3:00 pm. We cannot guarantee messages left after that time will be received.



  • Arrival for Drop-Off students grades K-6 will begin at 9:05 am at the front door entrance. Cars may begin to queue at 8:55 am via the King-Kennedy Apartments access to Arthur J. Perschino Way.
  • Please do not allow your child to exit the car until you are the first car in line at the stop sign. Children exiting from the passenger side of the car should walk around the front of the vehicle to the Main Entrance. Staff members will be there to escort your children into the building.
  • It is not necessary to escort children to class. Parents choosing to bring their children to the classroom must report to the Main Office, sign in, and get a visitor’s badge.
  • School begins at 9:05 am. Students arriving after 9:20 am are tardy and must be escorted into the Main Office and signed in by an adult.
  • YMCA E-Care parents use the Rain Door only. Please ring the bell for admittance.



  • School is dismissed at 3:20 pm
  • All Students being picked up (either by car or walk up) are escorted to the gym.
  • Car Pickup: Car Monitors record the names of parents in line and send the names of students being picked up inside. Once the gym coordinators receive the names, the students are escorted out of the building.
  • Parents who are picking up their children by car should wait in the pick-up lane.   Please be patient.  It takes time for staff members to recognize cars and match parents to children.  To expedite the process, we urge parents to place a name sign in your driver-side window.
  • Walk Up Pickup: Parents walking up to the building for pickup are to go to the back Playground Door. A staff member is there recording the names of the children being picked up. Once the gym coordinators receive the names, the students are escorted out of the building.
  • Staff members are on duty from 3:20pm to 3:40pm.  Students left waiting after that time will be sent to wait outside the Main Office. 
  • YMCA E-Care parents picking up before 3:40 pm must enter through the Main Entrance and go to the Main Office.
  • YMCA E-Care parents picking up after 3:40 pm must use the Rain Door only. Please ring the bell for admittance.



  • The bus lane on Chestnut Street must remain clear.
  • All students riding the bus enter the school building via the Rain Door (nearest the parking lot).
  • Staff members monitor this entrance during bus drop-off.



All students riding the bus home wait in their classrooms until their buses are called. Once called, the students exit the building out the Rain Door where Bus Monitors are waiting to direct them to their buses. Kindergarten and first grade students are escorted to the Rain Door and out of the building by student safeties


Parents with bus stop requests, changes, or additions are asked to contact the “Bus Stop Request Line” at (203) 854-4075.



Columbus families are encouraged to come to school to participate in activities and All School Meetings, as well as to volunteer in the classroom. Parent/Visitor parking is available in the first four spots on the right-hand side of the parking lot. These spots are labeled “Visitor.” The remainder of the parking lot is reserved for permit parking only and all spots are assigned to Norwalk Public School employees. For additional parking, please use the basketball court/lot located behind the school yard and adjacent to Arthur J. Perschino Way. The alternate lot can be accessed by turning right off of Merritt Place behind the King-Kennedy Apartments, crossing through the parking lot and across AJP Way into the basketball lot. Please park adjacent to the back rock wall. Thank you.