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Concord Magnet School K-8

Welcome to Concord Magnet School

A Bank Street School With a Focus on Arts Integration

OUR MISSION: The Concord Magnet School (CMS) K-8 Mission is to develop passionate, lifelong learners who strive for academic excellence by cultivating their creativity and imagination through hands-on, interdisciplinary social studies-based units and vibrant arts infusion. We foster the academic, social, and emotional development of each child while building a caring and ethical community that celebrates diversity and encourages strength of character.

OUR VISION: CMS is committed to educational excellence where the learning experience combines traditional academics with an individualized approach to learning based on the child’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs. CMS offers families The Bank Street approach to learning. This method recognizes that individuals learn best when they are actively engaged with materials, ideas and people, and that authentic growth requires diverse and nurturing opportunities for ongoing social, emotional and cognitive development.