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Arts Integration at Concord Magnet School

Arts in Education, sometimes referred to as “arts learning,” is an approach

to teaching and learning that utilizes creativity, imagination, and artistic

exploration to support student outcomes.


Why is Arts Education so important?

The Arts are used as a pathway to develop higher order learning skills by:

  • cultivating imagination, self-expression and creativity;
  • developing critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • promoting intellectual, psychosocial, and academic growth for each child to reach their own unique potential;
  • creating a democratic school culture that ensures that each child’s voice is celebrated;
  • gathering as a school community at All School Meeting to creatively share learning experiences through an expression of the arts.

At Concord Magnet, the integration of the arts is a common practice. Through our classroom and specialist teachers, art residencies, and art partnerships, our students explore the arts to enhance their study and gain deeper understanding of their curriculum.