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Arrival & Departure Procedures

Arrival Procedures for Student Drop Off:  

  • Parents/guardians dropping off students drive up to the front entrance and form a line behind the cones.
  • Student drop-off begins at 8:50 am.
  • Children should remain in their seats and not exit the car until it is in the designated drop-off area in front of the school.  Children exiting from the passenger side of the car should walk around the front of the car to the Front Door where they will be greeted by CMS staff members.


Dismissal Procedures for Car Pick Up: 

  • Students being picked up are dismissed to a designated area where they are monitored by school staff. 
  • Monitors outside radio in the names of students being picked up. Students exit the Playground Door.
  • Please be patient. To expedite this process, place a name sign in your car window.


Dismissal Procedures for Walk Up

  • Students being picked up by walk-up are dismissed to a designated area where they are monitored by staff staff.
  • Parents walk up to the Playground Door and give their child’s name to the Door Monitor. The Monitor radios names of students to be sent to the Playground Door for pickup.

All students left waiting after dismissal is over will be sent to the Main Office

and parents must come to the front door to pick up their children.


Early Dismissal Procedures: 

  • If a special circumstance, such as a doctor’s appointment, requires your child to be picked up early from school, you must notify the school in advance, indicating the day and time of this request and the name of the person who will be picking up your child.
  • Parents/guardians picking up  must sign out students at the Security Desk.  Anyone other than a parent/guardian or caregiver picking up a student must show proof of identification.
  • Due to the business of dismissal, students will not be available for early pick up after 3:00 pm


Change in After-School Plans:

Parents must inform the school or classroom teacher if there is a change in their child’s after-school plans either by written note, email, or voicemail message.  Please note that messages regarding students’ change of after-school plans must be left before 3:00pm.