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2022/2023 PTA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes dated November 22, 2022

CMS General PTA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom

In Attendance: Tory Ferrara, Emilie Forcellina, Mallory Moyer, Medard Thomas, Simone Morris, Katarina Bridova, Daria Housman, Kelly Braddock, Katie Conte, Lori Braddock, Luciende Gode, Laura Brumit, Kerry Rice,

  1. Fundraising Update
    1. Halloween Happening
      1. Earned $1,870
    2. Pie/Cookie MCM Fundraiser
      1. Earned $3,302
      2. Were able to donate 43 pies (30 to People to People and 13 to CMS community members in need)
    3. Restaurant Give Back Nights
      1. Davinci’s $220
      2. Coal’s – waiting to hear total
    4. Parent’s Night Out
      1. Broke even, but was an awesome time for families/community members to interact and relax together
    5. Magnet/Pint Glasses
      1. Have sold 57 of them at $8 each with a $6.28 profit each = 57 x 6.28 = $357.96
      2. Pint Glasses are $15 each have sold 7 leftover ones. Have one box left of glasses left to sell (possibly auction item with beer)
    6. Cookie Decorating Kits
      1. Cookie decorating kits cost us $15, selling for $25 so $10 profit each. Currently, have sold 37 so $370 profit.
    7. Spirit Wear
      1. We make 10% on all purchases. Currently, have earned 138.00 to date.
    8. Middle School Bake Sale
      1. 7th and 8th grade had a bake sale at the old CMS building on election day using leftover Halloween food donations. Kids earned $815, saving part to supplement their overnight field trip and using part for a glow night/movie night
  2. Climbing Wall
    1. Possible fundraiser in the future. Would be a wonderful addition to the school, but unfortunately, cannot currently cover the costs.
  3. List of Room Parents
    1. Emilie is collecting a list of room parents. If you are a room parent, please contact Emilie Forcellina.
  4. Yearbook
    1. Yearbook is in production. Emilie is beginning to work with upper school kids on the yearbook.
    2. Yearbook is looking for a 5th and 8th grade parent representative to be the liaison for the grade. Please contact Valerie Ingenito or Emilie Forcellina to volunteer.
    3. Used a new vendor for yearbook and now families have the option to choose softcover or hardcover year.  
  5. Upcoming Events/Fundraisers
    1. Sweetheart Dance
      1. Jill Dunn is chairing the Upper School dance/Sarah McIntee is coordinating the lower school event.
    2. Auction
      1. We are very close to choosing a venue and will be forming an auction committee soon. The auction will be held on a Saturday this spring, in either April or May.
      2. We hope this will be the biggest fundraiser of the school year.
    3. Next Give Back Night – JB’s Deli on December 14
      1. Valerie to find out the hours of the fundraiser and if it includes lunch.
  6. Comments/Concerns
    1. Simone Morris mentioned the lack of seating in the playground area. We discussed the need for additional seating at playground and possible solutions. For instance, Donna Gilchrest, alumni family of Ryan Gilchrest in last year’s 8th grade class, is donating a bench. It is possible for us to be put outside of school, possible future class gifts, to allow seating to grow over time.
      1. Medard to explore options with Parks and Rec.
    2. Mallory Moyer mentioned a possible Penny War fundraiser.
    3. Laura Brumit mentioned a Minted (Holiday card fundraiser), unfortunately too late for this year, but could be implemented next year. Laura Brumit to find out more information.
    4. Lori Braddock asked about the future of YA. Mr. T. explained it is hard to run that program currently since it was dependent on the leadership of one teacher, who has since retried, and on a large amount of parental involvement. Mr. T discussed the shift to an enrichment robotics club instead.
    5. Mr. T is looking for 1-2 parent volunteers who could organize and photograph the lost and found.  The volunteers will send the pictures to Mr. T so he can upload them on dojo.