CMS Lottery 2021 OVERVIEW

The CMS K-8 Mission is to develop passionate, lifelong learners who strive for academic excellence by cultivating their creativity and imagination through hands-on, interdisciplinary social studies-based units and vibrant arts infusion. We foster the academic, social and emotional development of each child while building a caring and ethical community that celebrates diversity and encourages strength of character.

Columbus Magnet School is committed to educational excellence where the learning experience combines traditional academics with an individualized approach to learning based on each child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs. This reflects the importance of building a community where the process of learning is as valuable as the product, where all members of the learning community, including students, staff, parents/guardians are accountable to achieve our goals. We accomplish this through a progressive program combining the Bank Street Teaching Philosophy and Higher Order Thinking strategies. We believe that these goals can only be achieved through the emphasis of an equitable environment for learning that incorporates the democratic process. Through community building each child is given a voice and children learn to respect and value different cultures and perspectives that relate to their world.

                                    I HEAR . . . AND I FORGET
                                   I SEE . . . AND I REMEMBER
                                  I DO . . . AND I UNDERSTAND


● Integrated curriculum with social studies at its core. Units of study are planned connecting all other subject areas, including the arts, to the social studies theme.

● Experiential learning provides activities designed to actively engage students to learn by doing, and then reflecting on the process and experience and actively creating their own understanding.

● Integration of the arts and the multiple intelligences into the curriculum to meet the various learning styles of our students and motivate students to make connections between and among the subject areas and ideas.

● Fostering a love for learning and a sense of self-worth through an environment that encourages cooperation and trust.

● Celebrate the “voice” of the child not only through the arts, but also through student government (student council). By demonstrating to children that they can communicate powerfully through words, images, movements, and sounds, we enhance their sense of social efficacy.

● All School Meetings develop community and provide a forum to showcase student learning. Students are given the opportunity to present their learning-in-progress to the school community in creative, interesting and artful ways. Students gain confidence performing and presenting in front of an audience.

● Actively encourage parental involvement to support the school philosophies and practices by creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages parental participation by providing varied opportunities for involvement through classroom, school-wide and parent activities.


● Lottery Applications will be distributed to parents after they attend one of our virtual information meetings. The applications will be emailed to participants.

● If you attended an information meeting or guided tour in 2020, please contact Terry Lakin at to request to have an application sent to you.

● Applications may not be reproduced.

● Applicants must be residents of Norwalk. (multiple proofs of residency are required.)

● Kindergarten applicants must be born on or before December 31, 2016. ● All applications require parent/guardian signatures.

● Information in the application will be checked for accuracy. False information will disqualify the applicant.

● To qualify as a sibling and receive priority status, both applicant and sibling must attend Columbus Magnet School in the 2021/2022 school year.

● Applicants may only apply to one of Norwalk’s public magnet schools. Applying to more than one school will disqualify all applications submitted.

● All applicants must have completed online registration and uploaded documentation by March 25, 2021 in order to be eligible for acceptance into Columbus Magnet School.

● If registration is not complete at the time of acceptance, your placement will be forfeited.

● Application confirmations will be sent to all applicants.

● Applications received after the March 12 deadline will be held and placed on the Waiting List after the lottery drawing.